Grussfrequenzen 3: Great Star — Audio collage

Hubertusbrunnen im Großen Tiergarten zu Berlin (vor 1905, gemeinfrei).

Audio Collage. Duration: 5 minutes.
Recorded at the Great Star (Berlin), March 2019.

Image: Drawing of Saint Hubert Fontain in the Großer Tiergarten of Berlin (before 1905, public domain).

The drawing depicts the fontain which was located at the site of the Berlin Victory Column before the column was moved from the Reichstags building to the Great Star. For the relocation, the Great Star was enlarged to a multiple of ist original size by the National Socialists. According to the drawing, the Saint Hubert Fontain was located on a rotunda of a diameter which was hardly larger than the ground floor plan of today’s Victory Column.